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Fáilte! Bienvenue! Welcome!

The Blogger

Dia duit! My name is Ciarán Ó Braonáin and I am an Irish Language teacher and French Language learner living in Dublin, Ireland. Having spent my teenage years at an Irish-medium school I went on to spend the next six years studying Irish at University College Dublin and at the University of Toronto. Over the past four years I have taught the language at various levels at UCD and, through the Fulbright FLTA Programme, at Villanova University, Pennsylvania. For reasons both personal (a longtime connection to France and Canada) and professional (I hope to pursue a career in Linguistics), I am starting anew with French, having uttered my last, rote-learned words during my 2006 Leaving Cert Oral Exam.

The Blog

The purpose behind My Language Diary is two-fold. Firstly, it is a space for my own personal reflection, as I explore the world of language from the perspective of teacher, learner, and minority language speaker. Secondly, it is a forum for like-minded individuals to share their tips, thoughts, questions, and recommendations.

What Do You Think?

Can you relate to my struggles and strife? Do you have any surefire methods or revolutionary techniques for either teaching or learning? Would you like to know anything about the Irish Language? Any and all input is hugely welcome!

There are so many different approaches to language acquisition so hopefully this blog can become a helpful source of advice, debate, and discussion on the topic.

Ar ball! A bientôt! Talk soon!

Share your thoughts by comment, Twitter, Facebook, or email mylanguagediary at outlook dot ie.

Me and my fellow FLTAs, about to bring our languages to the United States in 2013.

With my fellow Fulbright FLTAs during our orientation at Columbia University, New York in 2013.


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